Momma Hope

Hope the Chihuahua was neglected by her owners even when she was pregnant. She was finally rescued. Now, Hope is recovering with her babies! But she stills needs your help. 🙂 Do your have a rescue dog?

Hand & Paw Game

This ADORABLE Chow Chow puppy is having a good time with his owner. The puppy repeatedly places its paw on top of his owner’s hand. Check out the cutest playtime ever! What is your dog’s favorite game? Watch & Smile:

Great Dane & Little Kittens

Bagheera the Great Dane is intrigued about these little kittens all around him. However, his curiosity turns to playtime. 🙂 CUTENESS OVERLOAD! Does your dog have a cat buddy? Watch & Smile:

Simba’s Rescue

Little Simba was rescued but he still needs a home. He was handed in for “not playing” and veterinarians quickly discovered multiple infections! Today, he’s fully recovered and now plays all day long! Do you have a rescued pooch? Watch & Answer:

Merlin’s Recovery

Merlin was the saddest dog in the world… He wandered empty fields and roads, trying to find something to eat and drink. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending… You won’t believe the transformation he made! How brave is Merlin? Watch & Smile: